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The mission of the CEMM is to supply the most powerful, interactive medical multimedia technologies available to the AF and greater DoD. The overarching goal of the CEMM is to fortify the AFMS strategic goals of achieving Full Spectrum Readiness, strengthening the Joint Warrior Medical Team, and driving AFMS transformation. These advanced multimedia programs and products serve to bridge crucial education and/or training gaps that will improve care and the overall population health and readiness of active-duty military members, as well as other beneficiaries. The CEMM’s multimedia programs make highly complex medical topics and capabilities simple and interesting for audiences of all ages and educational backgrounds. These programs integrate prevention and self-management into everyday clinical practices to complement and support the efforts of military health professionals in caring for patients.

The CEMM is also focused on developing resilient Airmen who can readily meet the personal and professional challenges inherent to military service. In the pursuit of creating more comprehensively fit Airmen, the CEMM is dedicated to the creation of military training platforms that deploy state-of-the-art learning concepts which leverage new and emerging technologies.

The CEMM’s current capabilities include video production, web development, mobile app development, graphic design, 3D computer animation and modeling, and media design and development. CEMM products are available for order by military healthcare providers on CEMM.org and are free to the DoD. 


The mission of the CEMM is to create cutting-edge, evidence-based medical programs, products, websites, and mobile apps to support the AFMS and DoD readiness platforms.


Achieve Full Spectrum Readiness: To support the AFMS and DoD readiness platforms through the creation and promotion of programs that enhance knowledge of mission-critical capabilities.

Strengthen the Joint Warrior Medical Team: To support the AFMS and DoD by creating programs that mitigate risks associated with medical care, promoting the empowerment of individuals through knowledge, and promoting healthy outcomes to our internal and external customers.

Drive AFMS Transformation: To support the AFMS and DoD by assisting in the modernization of mission platforms, innovating healthcare, and developing exceptional leaders. 

Overall, the CEMM is an incredible Air Force resource that provides readiness and educational tools that can positively impact and empower military service members, their families, and providers, ultimately improving outcomes. We highly encourage all military healthcare providers to explore our website and sample our many products.