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Real Patients: Lifestyle


Real Patients
Now that I know what I do now on this end, when I reflect back on how my diet was during my early years all the way up to those 50s, it was not a good healthy eating lifestyle.

Well, I love french-fries, hamburgers, biscuits and gravy, anything that was greasy. 'Cause that's the way I was raised.

Enjoying all the desserts, going out to dine.

A lot of things that I know now contributed to the arteries being blocked.

My wife, first words out of her mouth were, "I told you so."

And the more reading I did, the more research I did, the more I talked to the different physicians, I learned that it was really in my hands to control it.

It's hard at first, and it is hard. Especially when you're surrounded with other people who are still eating the same way. But once again, it is a choice whether you want to live or you want to die.

I don't eat a lot of red meat. I eat chicken. I've been eating a lot of fish. Cut back on alcohol.

I lean probably 80 percent towards plant based.

For those first five and a half months I was basically living off of chicken that you could actually look through. It was so thin. And salads and lots of fruits, nuts, water.

Diet was easy. You just make a decision to do it. The physical part, the exercise was not.

A lot of exercise. Lost about 40 pounds.

I've even, to this day I've gone with a gym. I pay them so much a month, and I finally found out I was supposed to go there as well.

Having a positive attitude and just knowing that there is something to live for out there even if it's just for yourself.

We only go through this one time. I don't care what your beliefs are about after this life. But you need to do everything you can to enjoy the one you have.