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Real Patients: Heart Attack


Real Patients
I had my heart attack, I was 46 years old. And that was a serious wakeup call for me. That's way too young to have this kind of health issues.

My arteries were clogged and so forth. And so lots of tests occurred, one form or another. Whether it was a CAT scan, some of the terms I don't even know. But nevertheless, they somehow medically determined I was really in bad shape. So I was a good subject for a heart attack.

My father died from coronary artery disease unexpectedly. He just walked down the stairs and fell over dead.

And about two, three in the morning it just wouldn't go away. And I you know, gave her the old "gee what the hell," got in the car, drove over to SAMMC. Got in to the emergency room there and the doc says, "You're having a heart attack. It's that simple." Upstairs I went. They put four stents in and here we are.

If it had not been for my friends pushing, I could have very well, as they told me once again, had a massive heart attack.