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Real Patients: Treatment


Real Patients
Just the thought of surgery is a scary thing. But when they talk about the possibility of open-heart surgery, you take a good look at your life. And what you hope for the future.

Because I realized it wasn't just about me. It was about my children, and my husband, and my grandchildren, friends, and family. People that I knew that my life touched their lives, and it did make a difference.

They explained everything to me. Not only as they were going through the procedure, there was someone there that was talking to me. But it just gave me a good feeling of confidence. And it relieved the fear that I had of just hearing "open-heart surgery."

I'm on two different types of blood pressure medicines. One is an ACE inhibitor and the other one is a beta blocker. And a cholesterol lowering medication.

They did a double bypass. They split the sternum, then they go in and they take a vein out of your leg and transplant it into the damaged arteries so you have blood flow to the heart.

The cardiac rehab consisted of treadmills, doing incline on the treadmills, a bike, arm bike one, light weight lifting. And then stand, sit, step-up, step-down, sit down, stand ups, just trying to get your heart rate up but monitored.

They had me up walking within two days of this procedure.

And I would progress each week. We would add more exercises or make things longer. Like the treadmill longer and then incline higher.

You have another day you might get to live. And keep making those changes. And keep making those impacts in other people's lives for their future.