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Real Patients: Complications of Type 2 Diabetes


I just didn’t know the unintended consequences of not changing my diet, of not exercising.

Having diabetes can learn to other things, lead to other things. And one of the problems is that you don’t notice it.

For a long-term diabetic, if you don’t take care of yourself there’s, you can lose your eyesight.

I had a friend who we all knew had diabetes but he wouldn’t do his medication, he wouldn’t go for his appointments, and one morning when we all came to work he was blind.

There were things that I had always assumed would stay the same and weren’t. The eyesight. I really was surprised how fast that could deteriorate if you’re not careful.

Also, you need to be aware of things like what happens to your feet.

All the sudden you’re starting to feel tingly sensations in your hands, in your toes and you go, hmm, interesting times are afloat or afoot.

You have to be aware of any cuts or bruises or anything like that. Because that can lead to other complications where you could, could end up with gangrene.

You can lose limbs. You know, you have liver problems.

Heart disease, stroke, it can even have an effect on your triglycerides and your cholesterol. Which, I’ve had all of that happen to me.

So there are things in life that are associated with diabetes but they can be minimized and controlled if you take the time to follow the procedures.

I believe I can avoid many of the consequences of the diabetes as long as I continue the wise choices that I’ve made with my lifestyle.

You have to manage all of this and you have to listen to what the medical professionals are telling you. And then you have to carry through with what they’re advising you.