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Real Patients: Moving Forward with Type 2 Diabetes


I think that if somebody’s going to go through this that the first thing they should realize is that there’s hope. That you as a person can get better. At least you can stay where you’re at if you do what you’re asked to do.

So many people have lost their life doing this. And I look at my mother, my father, my father with him there was times his sugars was up to seven and eight hundred. And we thank god you know it didn’t kill him but it could have. And so I look back on that and think about that could be me.

The good news is that there are a lot of things coming on board in terms of new therapies and new treatments. Those are possible. Those are going to be things that can help you.

So you can have a decent life. A decent quality of life if you get on board early and you stick with it.

I changed my whole mindset. And one of the things that I never would have figured diabetes would do for me was that it got one of my daughters to think about it.

I think my family will be healthier in the long run because of the choices I make because they, right now they have no choice. I have to cook for them so they eat what I make. But yes, it is because they get ingrained with that same lifestyle.

And I was really happy to see that wow my daughters only 30, going to be 31. Says hey let me start now.

Be happy that you got a group of people that care about you. Whether they’re the providers or your family.

Stay positive. Take your medications. Do something for you. We have one life to live. Let’s enjoy our life and let’s do better for ourselves. And I’m a prime witness. I’m a prime witness and it’s been three years for me. But it’s being controlled and I thank god for that. And I’m doing something for myself.

There’s no quick fix for any of this. And realize that sometimes it’s not your fault. You know, things happen and you may not have any control over it. But the choices you make with how to get better, you have a decision process that would help you go through that and you have the choice to make those decisions.

This is going to be hard but at the same time it’s doable.

You look back on your life and you say you know, that was a pretty good life I had there and I had diabetes too.

Once you change your mindset and once you see no it doesn’t mean that you’re dying tomorrow. It means that you can live past tomorrow. And it can be, it can be a blessing. A blessing in disguise if you will.