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Real Patients: Diagnosis


Real Patients
After the test it was... they ruled it as just irritable bowel syndrome.

So that's what it was, it was H. pylori. And it was... the way it was explained to me, again I had worked, I had a history working in GI. But the way it was explained to me with that bacteria that you have, it eats away at your stomach lining. And it was causing some major abdominal pain.

And then the blood was coming from a polyp.

During one of the routine colonoscopies they found a tumor or whatever, they found cancer. And so I ended up going back in for surgery.

My mom and all of her sisters have the same thing. That was... that was my saving grace 'cause in the back of my head the whole time, I kind of knew of maybe it was this. But yeah, my mom's side, all of the women have had like irritable bowel syndrome or something going on like that.

The doctors here were very well aware of very long, serious cancer history in my family. And so, and my own personal history. So, it really wasn't that shocking to me, I guess, because I'd been under care for a significant, you know, forty years.

They had me on a regiment of an antibiotic for that. I think I was taking like three tabs or capsules or whatever three times a day.

They found out that it had in fact spread. But, because of the fact that they had caught it so early on they removed a chunk of my intestine, and that was the extent of it.

And then I had to go back in to do a test to find out, was that eradicated? Was the H. pylori done? And it was.

And then after I learned that stress was a key, like that kind of... that made more sense and I was able to control it that way.