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In 2009, my PSA, prostate-specific antigen levels, started rising.

My PSA had always been kind of normal. So I went to see the urologist here and the first thing they wanted was another PSA. And it had gone up significantly. From about two-point-seven, thereabouts, to four-point-something.

And so, I kept a closer eye on it and I made sure that when I was scheduled for my annual physical, I made sure that I got a PSA test as well.

The doctor had me lie down and he pushed on my abdomen. And he said, "Well, Mr. Seago, it's one of two thing. Either your prostate has swelled up and is blocking your urine from getting out. And your bladder is badly distended. Or you're pregnant." I told him I was too old to be pregnant. So it must be my bladder.

And found that my bladder was distended and that I wasn't passing urine. So, off I went to the urologist.

And so then in September of 2016, he performed the biopsy and it came back positive.

The urologist here performed a biopsy of the prostate. And the laboratory reported that I have a low level prostate cancer.

The positive result was somewhere in the middle. It wasn't real aggressive but it wasn't the wait-and-see type. It was somewhere in between.

Before we did the surgery, I think the PSA had gone up to seven. So there was kind of concern there. So I was all for, let's go find out what's going on.

Once they did an ultrasound and you know, did some test and confirmed that it was a spermatocele. They did, they explained a little bit about what it was and what caused it. And there again, I felt much more comfortable and at ease.

Told me all about my symptoms and said it was a hydrocele. And I thought, "What is that? And am I going to be okay?" And he says, "Rest assured, you're fine. Hydrocele is common amongst males as far as your testicles coming down." And he described the process and what happens. It helped me to have some comfort.

You need to find out what's going on down there. I mean with any part of your body. Anything that's not working properly, you should find out what it is.