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I was experiencing symptoms back in the end of April, actually, about last year. And it was just waking up, all of a sudden one morning, I just woke up with testicular pain.

My testicle was probably about like two to three times the size of the other one. It was almost like two golf balls put together in one little tiny sac.

My wife noticed the lump, the small lump on my testicle. And it wasn't causing me any irritation.

I noticed my left testicle just starting to swell over a period of time. Just not thinking anything of it.

And I was like, you know, it will probably just go away.

I kind of like put that away to the back of my head 'cause I'm stupid. And once it started getting like a dull ache in it, I started getting a little bit panicky.

Then over a period of time it got a little bit bigger and annoying. And noticing that trying to urinate sometimes was a little bit more difficult. Not because of pressure, but because of the size of the testicle.

After you age, get past the age of fifty, your prostate begins to enlarge. And then you have the effects of that. It's called BPH.

I presented with these symptoms of prostate enlargement. Which was characteristic of benign prostate enlargement.

I guess the first symptom was a gradual difficulty in urinating. And it was over a long, long period of time.

Had a great deal of trouble urinating. And a great deal of trouble not urinating. Couldn't pee when I wanted to. Couldn't stop peeing when I didn't want to pee.

One morning I got up and I tried to get out of bed and put on a pair of jeans. And I couldn't get the jeans anywhere near closed. And what had happened was my bladder was full, distended. And evidently I was not passing urine.

After a while I thought that, hey, something's wrong. What can I do?

Finally, I decided, I was like, hey, maybe I should tell my wife about this. So I told her and she was on her way to school and she said, "Hey, I'm turning around right now. You need to, you need to go to the hospital about it."

My wife's a nurse, a retired nurse. And she said, "You got to go see a doctor." Okay.