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Helping Resources


Dr. Jerman
There are a number of helping resources available for service members who are experiencing distress. Mr. Willis, can you tell us about some of these resources?

Mr. Willis
Absolutely, Dr. Jerman. Many resources are service-specific, and members can check with their local installation for a full list of what's available. Resources that are available at most installations include:

  • The Mental Health Clinic
  • Chaplain Corps
  • Military and Family Life Counselors
  • The Family Readiness or Support Center, and
  • Military OneSource

Service members can also seek help from their primary care provider. A primary care provider can evaluate the issue and, if necessary, refer the service member to the most appropriate resource.

Supervisors, Commanders, and First Sergeants are also great resources for members. These individuals may be able to help the service member resolve work-related stress, and when appropriate, can help the service member find the right helping resource.

Finally, it's important that service members be able to count on support and help from their peers. Making yourself familiar with helping resources will enable you to assist fellow service members in need.

Service members sometimes worry that their career will suffer or their privacy will be compromised if they seek help from Mental Health. The truth is, the vast majority of people who seek help early receive services that help them avoid the negative behaviors that might damage their careers. You might think of seeking help as a performance enhancement strategy. If you have any questions concerning confidentiality, you are always welcome to contact the Mental Health Clinic for more information.