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Lt Col Reynolds
Unfortunately, because of the way that overweight people are sometimes treated, there can be feelings of embarrassment in those who are battling weight gain or obesity.

In order to shield themselves from criticism, excessively overweight people have a tendency to isolate themselves. However, this often makes their condition worse.

Lt Col Phillips
That’s right. But keep in mind that spending time with friends and family who have no prejudices toward obese people can provide positive reinforcement toward developing a healthier lifestyle.

Finding people to do physical activities with can also make it easier to keep a regular workout schedule. In many cases, camaraderie can make exercise more enjoyable.

Lt Col Reynolds
Connecting with others who face the same challenges can provide support to those who are obese. There are many organizations and networks that make it simple to locate groups where encouragement, understanding, and motivation can be found. Check with your provider for helping resources in your area.