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Lt Col Phillips
Setting extreme and unrealistic weight loss goals can set up obese patients for failure, frustration, and disappointment. It’s not uncommon for people to lose an impressive amount of weight only to remain disappointed because they haven’t reached their goal. Dr. Patel, can you help us understand why this happens?

Dr. Patel
You know, it’s important to remember that the goal of weight loss is sometimes not a specific number, but better overall health. This is good news because, if a patient can remain committed to their program on a daily basis, they can reach their goal each day because their health will be better each day.

The first step is to consult with your healthcare provider to determine together what a realistic amount of weight loss should be. Once this has been decided, write down a plan that not only includes the big goal, but also implements mini-goals. And when these smaller objectives are reached, celebrate with an activity or gift. But, again, keep in mind that the biggest objective is to improve overall health.