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Lt Col Phillips
Along with dieting and being active, keeping a food journal has proven to be very effective in not only losing weight, but keeping it off. Let’s check with Dr. Bethea to learn more.

Dr. Bethea
You’re right, Dr. Phillips. In fact, some studies have shown that developing a daily habit of journaling can actually double the amount of weight loss for many people.[1]

The reason that this method works is because it makes people more aware of what they’re eating, helping them to identify areas that need to be changed in order to avoid both certain types of food and certain amounts of food.

And, not only can journaling help to cut down on caloric intake, it can make people more aware of when they’re eating. So bad habits such as not eating during the day and then overeating or over-snacking at night can be identified and avoided.

[1] Elaine Magee, “Can a Food Diary Help You Lose Weight?”, accessed July 7, 2016.