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 Real Patients Testimonial: How It Began


I have been obese probably since I was 21, 22.

So I’ve just been overweight my whole adult life, essentially.

Post-military, it’s been, it’s been a struggle. Especially since I don’t do the regular physical training that I use to.

Once I got out of the military in ‘95 I became a civilian so you know, you don’t, you don’t continue to do the training that you use to all the time so you kind of get lazy.

When I left it was 260 range and now I’m sitting at over 300 pounds — 310 right now.

Over eating and eating the wrong foods. That’s where my weight gain came. And you know, stress. I think life stresses help out with the weight gain. Being military, it does help with the weight gain. When your husbands not at home and you have to deal with everything. It’s just part of life. Unfortunately, you turn to food. I turned to food for that. And gained quite a bit of weight.

And I wasn’t in a very good relationship at all. Pretty abusive. And my comfort zone was eating.

I stopped taking care of myself and was only taking care of him. And quickly put on the weight. And then after he died it even went on even more. It was just, I didn’t care anymore.

The weight gain probably was most of it after I quit smoking. About ten years ago and it slowly just increased. And I didn’t really do anything about it. I knew what was happening. You can you know, look in a mirror. Not be able to put on your shoes very well. And I just let it go.

I was really active prior to getting married. Sports and everything. My wife is more on the educational side. Reading books and sitting in chair and doing that kind of stuff. So I stopped the exercising, went to reading, continued to eat like I did when I was exercising all the time.

My weight gain started I think when I was 22, maybe 23 after I had my first child.

I think we try to put excuses and, and justify why we’re gaining weight. And so mine was baby weight. My baby weight 24 years old now.

I was a 120 pounds before pregnancy. I was a little over two hundred by the time I delivered.

And then never lost the baby fat. I’m still losing the baby fat and he’s almost you know, 29 years old.

I went from 170, well maybe 150 at that time to 250 pounds in the matter of two years.

I’ve weight about 245 was my highest weight and it was uncomfortable.

I’d already gone up to about like 260 from 225, 210. So I put on a lot of weight and just four or five years later ended up a grand total of 325.

I hung out right around 180, 190. Didn’t seem to matter what I did it just didn’t seem to go anywhere.

I, you know, tried regular diets and it just never, never went.

I found it difficult to do the simple things that everybody else does in life. Putting on a pair of socks, my shoes, rising from a chair, getting out of a car, getting into an airplane seat, picking a penny off the ground and I collect pennies. All these things were difficult and sometimes almost impossible to do.

I couldn’t even go for you know, a ten-minute walk without being out of breath. And that wasn’t good for my kids.

Just something inside said I just can’t do that anymore.

When I hit size 22 I realized I needed to stop. I needed to take control over my weight gain and, and do something about it.