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 Real Patient Testimonial: Losing the Weight


I chose to start losing weight because it was very unhealthy for me. I, and I knew it was. I think anybody who’s overweight knows it. Where there at.

I’m 60 years old, I wanted to see my grandkids and, and I figured, okay, it’s time.

I made the choice that you’re gonna have to lose some weight, at least the minimum of like 15 to 20 pounds.

I went to my doctor and I asked about weight loss medicine.

The pills, the diet pills, and I lost 80 pounds.

I did the weight loss the old fashion way. No surgical intervention. Just watching what I ate and lots and lots of exercise.

I started working out two hours a day. I hit cardio, I started my own weight loss group out here, or work out group.

What I first started doing is I started walking and, and exercising.

I’m lifting weights. I also do a little workout routine at the house.

And I’ve continued with the running. That’s been my main source of cardio. I also ride my bike.

I am retired. So I have made the gym my job.

But now I eat a lot of vegetables, lean meats, poultry, a lot of fish. I like fish. Salads, things like that.

I’ve kept a food diary just to make sure that I could really see what I was eating and where the calories were coming from and where I could cut. So I was eating six to eight small little things throughout the day so I wasn’t going and eating a massive dinner.

If you want to lose a lot of weight, a journal is the only way you can be accountable. Nobody can really look at a plate of food and say I’m consuming so many calories and so much fat and so forth.

Journaling is a big factor I think for weight loss. I do it more so now. There are a lot of journaling apps out there.

I write down, I put down everything I eat.

When you can sit there and go back and look at everything that you’ve annotated for that whole day, it’s amazing what you put in your body.

Just watching and paying attention and being aware of what I’m eating.

I still have my donuts and my ice cream and, but I just make sure I do it in moderation.

And the journal I think is the key to success. Attitude and the journal.

This weight loss is permanent. I have kept it off for the last year.

I feel better about my self-image now compared to what I had at 245 pounds.

My weight now is 260 pounds. My highest was 285 and I’ve lost the 25 pounds since last fall.

I started at about 210 pounds and I’m currently 120 pounds.

I started my weight loss journey at 277 pounds and, as of today, I weight a 162 pounds.

So now I currently weight 187. So I kinda maintain 187, 188. So, only thing I worry about now is my pants falling off.

I’ve gone from a size 48 pants down to a size 42. Probably could get into a 40 if I really push the issue.

You have energy. You have newfound youth. Getting up and doing things is great. Sleeping is great.

I’m more apt to go out and want to go kayaking or paddle boarding, entering half marathons. Just going out there and doing more than I did.

At 245 pounds, would have I gone out and ran 13 miles? No. Now will I go out and do it? Yeah, I don’t run the whole thing. I rock it. I run and walk. That’s how I do my half marathons.

Everybody’s at works amazed at how much weight I’ve lost; how good I look now. I do, I feel a lot better.