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 Real Patient Testimonial: Weight Loss Surgery


I went through many avenues of trying to lose weight — different diets, different exercises, those types of things.

I realized if I really didn’t start to do something, it was going to be bad.

It wasn’t an ah-ha, let me lose weight and then it was done. It’s a struggle.

When I knew I was really didn’t have control of my weight, I went to my primary care doctor, said, “Hey, I would like to go see a specialist for weight management.”

And she said it’s time to do surgery.

I knew that because of all the problems I had the back of my mind thought about weight loss surgery.

Something I never wanted to do was get surgery. I didn’t, I didn’t think it was something that I probably should have done.

I started with the seminar, doing the nutritional meetings. And it was interesting, but it was very scary because once they cut your stomach, it’s gone, you don’t have it back.

Then I went home and thought about it more. Watched as many YouTube videos who had had weight loss surgery as I possibly could. I researched it, I read about it.

And all the sudden I’m like, “Wait a minute, you know, I’m not really ready to do this surgery yet. I, I think I want to try a little bit more.”

And by that point I was about ninety-eight percent decided that I’m gonna do this. You know, maybe I am ready for this.

I don’t believe that bariatric route is for everyone. It actually is based on your individual circumstances and it should be something that decision that’s made with your doctor.

This decision was very tough for me to do.

What helped me out was I did have surgery. I had the sleeve.

The vertical sleeve is where they removed about ninety percent of my stomach. But it did not interrupt my digestion. So they just took the stretchy part of your stomach and kinda turned what they left, what’s left, into a banana shape basically. And it holds about maybe four ounces.

I got gastric sleeve done — so VSG. That was six years ago. And let me tell you, weight loss surgery is not a cure-all. It is a stepping stone into losing weight. It teaches you how to eat right, like your, you portion control all that kind of stuff. But it doesn’t do it for you.

And so unless you make those mental changes, it seems to be you know, in my opinion, not a very good thing to do.

I know that it is gonna be work the rest of your life. It is not the easy way out.

I only lost 40 pounds and then I stopped losing weight and I was still losing the same amount. I was like, “What am I doing wrong?” So, the doctor went back in he’s like well we can revise it, we can, we can give you gastric bypass and I said that’s not what I want to do. I, I got the sleeve for a reason. I wanna make it work. I’m not gonna fail at this.

It’s helped me learn portion control.

I eat now eat to live. Not live to eat.

I had the surgery February 1, so my three months is coming up.

We had some extensive lab work done. Cholesterol has been one of them. And I’m happy to say that my cholesterol is within the normal range now. And I feel really good about that because to me, that was a big factor in my weight.

As I lost weight, I have no more high blood pressure. I haven’t had high blood pressure in five years.

My, you know, kidney functions, you don’t think about your kidney functions at our age. My kidney functions are perfect now.

I no longer need my CPAP machine. It’s just made me get out there and be more active and living my life rather than just kinda letting it go by.