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 Emotional Quality of Life


Lt Col Phillips
Though it may be harder to detect, the impact on an obese patient’s emotional and social life can be significant. Dr. Bethea, can you explain how a person’s quality of life is affected in these ways?

Dr. Bethea
Certainly, Dr. Phillips. When a patient is carrying a lot of extra weight, this often influences the way that other people see them, as well as the way they see themselves.

Whether it’s swimming in public, shopping for clothes, or interviewing for a job, obese individuals tend to feel a higher level of discomfort than those of normal weight.

And because of the way that others perceive them, this can affect the way that obese patients view themselves. This can result in social isolation, lower work achievement, and even depression.

There are a variety of programs and resources to help those dealing with weight issues. Be sure to talk to your provider about what options are available.