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 Physical Quality of Life


Lt Col Reynolds
The quality of life for an obese patient is impacted in several ways — some physical and some mental or social. Dr. Patel, what are some of the physical qualities of life that are affected?

Dr. Patel
Well, for obese patients, their excess weight can have a significant impact on their physical quality of life.

The ability to move around, of course, becomes much more limited. Whether it’s the inability to move at a normal pace or having limited access to certain spaces, the extra weight can hinder a patient’s freedom to go where they’d like. This is especially important when it becomes more difficult to get to work or to sit comfortably on an airplane.

Obese patients may also suffer an increasing amount of physical pain, whether it’s from difficulty breathing or the pressure that the extra weight is putting on their joints.

Sexual health may also be impacted by obesity. In women, the excess weight can lead to irregular periods and infertility. In men, obesity has been linked to erectile dysfunction.

And, general health can also be significantly impacted. Whether it’s low energy or increased risk for a number of diseases, a patient’s quality of life is often diminished due to the extra weight.

For these reasons, it’s important that overweight or obese people ask their provider for suggestions and resources relating to weight loss.