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 Real Patients Testimonial: Risk Factors


I do have a family history of morbid obesity. My mother was large. She was morbidly obese and my grandmother was morbidly obese. Her mother was morbidly obese.

My parents really didn’t have any weight issues but both of my brothers have been really heavy. My little brother’s still on the heavy side.

My father which I met later in life — he’s Canadian, I met him when I was about thirty-five. Big man, huge man. So yes, he was, still is, he’s about 90 years old but very overweight.

My mother’s very obese. I want to say she’s about three fifty. My sisters almost 400 pounds.

Most of the women in my family do well with their weight. But it’s the, it’s the men that have the, the weight issues more than anything.

My grandma was heavy, eventually she lost that. My mom was for a little bit.

We’re Puerto Rican and Spanish and my family, my side of the families Chamorro so we like food. When we get together that’s what we do, we eat.

Culture probably pays, plays a very big part of how I eat, or how I did eat and how I grew up. I’m from the south. You, food was everything. For every occasion there was food and we always had great fried chicken.

I like fried chicken, mashed potatoes and french fries. I go to a restaurant, I order steak and fries.

Portion size in America is, it’s gotten out of control. The, especially with fast food lifestyle that we have, everybody’s on the move.

A lot of fried food, a lot of heavy food, fast food, hamburgers, pizzas, pastas, chicken. You know, things of that nature. Just high cholesterol.

It was a gradual thing. Every time you went to the doctor it would go from 250, 275, I just watched my weight go. Then bumped over 300 and then the last time I went it went 322 and you go, “Good God Almighty, what am I doing to myself?” So these combination of things started, started working on me.

And that can make you gain weight actually because it stresses you out. You just have to find out what it causing it and take control over it. Is it easy? No.