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Lt Col Jerman
Fortunately, there are several steps that you can take to prevent ankle injuries. Dr. Patel, will you tell us about some of these prevention strategies?

Dr. Patel
Definitely, Dr. Jerman. The key to preventing ankle injury is to maintain good strength, muscle balance, and flexibility. Here are a few tips that you may find valuable:

  • Warm up before doing exercises, playing sports, or participating in any vigorous activities.
  • Participate in a conditioning program to build muscle strength.
  • Develop a daily ritual of stretching exercises.
  • Listen to your body: never run if you experience pain in the foot or ankle, or if you feel fatigued.
  • Pay attention to walking, running, or working surfaces.
  • Wear protective equipment appropriate for the sport or activity that you’re engaged in.
  • Replace your athletic shoes as soon as the tread or heel wears out. (and)
  • Be sure that all of your shoes fit properly.

People who have sustained an ankle sprain in the past are more susceptible to future injuries. Training the muscles that cross the ankle through strength training and proprioception exercises is critical in the prevention of future sprains.

These simple tips are easy to follow, and can help you keep your ankles safe and strong.