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Maj Spencer
Many wrist injuries could be easily prevented with a little education and awareness. Dr. Patel, can you tell us about wrist injury prevention?

Dr. Patel
Absolutely, Major Spencer. Most repetitive motion injuries can be avoided through rest breaks, exercise, proper posture, correct technique, use of protective equipment, and properly designed working environments.

Overuse is the most avoidable cause of hand, wrist, and elbow problems. Taking regular breaks from a task that requires repetitive motion can make a huge difference. A break lasting just a few minutes each hour can go a long way in preventing common overuse injuries.

Another prevention strategy is exercise. Regular exercise builds strength and increases your mobility and range of motion. Depending on how it’s used, exercise can prevent problems. It’s important to note, however, that in some cases exercise can actually cause or increase wrist problems. The key is a combination of common sense, proper form, and moderation.

Keep in mind that the muscles and tendons of your wrist and hand are not designed to carry a great deal of weight. Always be aware of the position and alignment of your body when you carry heavy objects, exercise, or work. Proprioception, or the awareness of the location and movement of your wrist, plays a large part in the prevention of wrist injuries.