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Wrist Stretching


Capt Laydon
To do a Wrist Flexion, gently bend your wrist forward. Hold for five seconds. Do three sets of 10.

To do a Wrist Extension, gently bend your wrist backward. Hold for five seconds. Do three sets of 10.

To do a Side to Side, gently move your wrist from side to side as though you were shaking hands. Hold for five seconds at each end. Do three sets of 10.

To do a Wrist Stretch, use your uninjured hand to help bend the injured wrist down by pressing the back of your hand and holding it down for 15 to 30 seconds. Next, stretch the hand back by pressing the fingers in a backward direction and holding it for 15 to 30 seconds. Do three sets.

To do a Wrist Extension Stretch, stand at a table with your palms down, fingers flat, and elbows straight. Lean your body weight forward. Hold for 15 seconds. Repeat three times.

To do a Wrist Flexion Stretch, stand with the back of your hands on a table, palms facing up, fingers pointing toward your body, and elbows straight. Lean away from the table. Hold for 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat three times.

If you have a limited amount of time to stretch, focus your efforts on performing the wrist extension stretch. Daily life typically has us in positions of wrist flexion as we dress, bathe, and feed ourselves.