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Real Dads: Pregnancy


When I first heard I was going to be a dad, I was excited.

I was excited. Wow! We’re pregnant. We’re actually going to do this. We’re going to have a child.

I didn’t really have a father growing up. So I was excited to be that type of father figure that I wanted to be.

And I was scared because I feel like I’m still a kid myself. Can I handle the responsibility of this little life?

Fear. But also excitement. So I tried to sound as positive as possible over the phone. But during the same time the confusion was kicking in very quickly.

I think she was kind of disappointed because I wasn’t very excited right off the bat, but as soon as I started thinking about it I got really, really excited.

It was great news because we had been trying for a long time.

When the pregnancy test was positive, I was a little bit surprised that it happened so quickly.

I didn’t even know she was taking a pregnancy test. I so walked in the door and she just came up and held the pregnancy test up in my face. And it was just unbelievable.

The second time around she said there was something wrong with the oven. And I came home and I said, “What do you mean, there’s something wrong with the oven?” And she said, “Well, just look inside.” So I looked inside and I said, “There’s a piece of bread in the oven!” And she said, “Well, what kind of piece of bread?” And I said, “It’s a bun!” And she goes, “Yeah?” And I said, “What? There’s a bun in the oven!” And then I got it. There was a bun in the oven. I thought that was pretty creative.

Well, I was sleeping and she went somewhere with her mom. When she came back home, she played a song from Creed.

She didn’t tell me right away. She kind of did the whole guessing game like, “Guess what.” And then I kind of knew immediately without her even having to say it.

And so she played that and that was the first thing I heard. And automatically I knew. I said, “Oh! Wow!”