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Real Dads: Delivery


Oh, yes, I remember the first time I saw my baby. That was the best moment of my life.

My heart did a back flip.

Watching, first of all, what my wife went through was pretty powerful. And just seeing the sacrifice that they make.

I was there for the actual birth and saw his head come on out.

Oh, here’s the baby head. “Oh, my God!”

So when I actually first saw the head, the baby, it was exciting.

And it’s just amazing.

And then here’s the baby face. “Oh, my God, again!”

I was scared, to be honest, at first. I was scared because I thought, “Wow! Can I be a dad?”

And then, of course, you don’t want to think about anything else because it’s very graphic what’s happening. But I remember holding my daughter and I remember crying.

I’m in charge of this little life. And that excited me and thrilled me and scared me to death at the same time.

At first, you know, the baby’s first born … they don’t look normal. But as soon as the baby cried and I thought, “Oh, man.”

She was crying and she just was so pink.

Words can’t express how you feel when you see your kid for the first time. It’s overwhelming.

It was just powerful. She was perfect. You know, she had all her fingers and toes.

After the birth, the doctor let me cut the cord. And that was kind of neat and surprising.

I got to actually cut the umbilical cord.

When you cut the cord it’s kind of squishy.

You think you’re going to go right through it with the scissors and it’s hard and rubbery. And you’re just like, “Cut the cord! Okay!”

It was the greatest. The closest thing to that was the day I got married.