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Now let’s talk for a minute about the fact that this is a common condition. It might surprise you to know that aneuploidy happens in half of human pregnancies. Does that surprise you? Oh, wow. Yes. Yeah, it doesn’t seem right, does it? Uh-uh. Cause if I look around you guys all look pretty good. I bet none of you have aneuploidy. But half of us should have aneuploidy. Right? So what happened do you think? Where did they go? Any ideas?

Can it correct itself? It does never go back and fix itself, but something happens to those pregnancies where there’s a conception where there’s an extra chromosome. They miscarry. Yeah, they miscarry. In fact, about 90 plus percent of the time when people miscarry they don’t even know they’re pregnant. It’s so early in the process you might just be a little late or not even be late and miscarry. So Mother Nature is very good when the chromosomes are messed up.

And all those extra genes, or genes that are missing, do not have things go on. So it’s pretty interesting. It’s a sad thing, but when people miscarry it’s because often times … things aren’t right. In fact, once women do know they’re pregnant and miscarry… again remember most of them happen before you know you’re pregnant… if people miscarry after they know they’re pregnant, and you were to count the chromosomes, we would still find that half of the time in miscarriages that the chromosomes were abnormal. So again it’s Mother Nature fixing the situation so that most of the time pregnancies, where there’s an abnormality, don’t continue. It’s really very rare that they go on to delivery. Okay. So the fact that you guys are as far along as you are is a good thing. Right? You’ve already made it past a lot of that bad stuff. It’s very uncommon for people to get farther along and have problems with chromosomes.

Now, if we are going to progress to delivery, it really only happens in a few situations. It really only happens in the situation of an extra 21. Remember that’s the little one. Or an extra 18, or an extra 13. And so we call these Trisomy 21 or Down syndrome. Trisomy 18, it has another name called Edwards, or Trisomy 13 called Patau syndrome. Okay. You never see a Trisomy 1 because things are so messed up they never they never progress. So most of the time, in Down syndrome or in any of these other abnormalities, they miscarry before they go on. It’s really rare that they go on.