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Wrap Up


So any questions about sickle cell, about cystic fibrosis, about anything else we’ve talked about today? I have a question, doctor. Yeah, Shawn. My grandfather was diagnosed with sickle cell. I was wondering about my chances of carrying it on to my child? Yeah, good … very good question. So genetically, if your grandfather had sickle cell disease that means he had the two mutations, right? And so one of your parents, whichever side he’s the parent of, that parent will be a carrier. If they don’t have sickle cell, they will be a carrier by definition because they got that gene from Grandpa. And then if your parent was a carrier, presumably then your chances of getting the gene from your parent is 50/50, because they have one abnormal gene and one normal gene. So, if you’ve been screened and it screened negative, then you’re good to go. If you haven’t been screened, and you have right now, before screening, a 50 percent chance of being a carrier. Okay. And then your partner, depending on her ethnicity would have a carrier rate, like I mentioned before, in the African American situation one in 65 chance of being a carrier. Okay? So if you have an African American couple where the dad has a 50 percent chance of being a carrier and the mom is one in 65 then you take that one in two and one in 65, and multiply those numbers together and that’s the chances that a baby would actually have sickle cell. Good.

I think to summarize all your thinking, just remember, I hope that you take out of this that I’m not trying to talk you into or out of any tests. It’s not up to me. The idea here, with these tests, is that you decide if they’re useful for you.

Now if you get home and you get lost, and you can’t remember what we talked about, then go back to those pages in The Purple Book and it should summarize pretty much the discussion that we had today, and hopefully answer your questions. If not, certainly get with your provider at your next visit and they should be able to help you answer any other questions. All right, fantastic. Thanks again for coming and be careful going home. I appreciate it and best wishes with the rest of your pregnancy. Hopefully you’ll never have to run into another MFM, right? All right, well have a great trip and best wishes. Thanks a lot.