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Real Parents: 1st Trimester Symptoms


In the first trimester, I was exhausted. Completely exhausted all the time.

I was fatigued in my first trimester.

I would have to take naps … at least at lunch, if not before lunch.

And I remember laying my head down on the desk thinking, “Please don’t let anyone see me do this,” because I was so tired.

I had a lot of headaches and that was just from the fatigue.

First trimester was really hard. I was really tired. But after that then I started picking up energy and everything started going good.

Probably around week six I started to feel just the urgency to go to the bathroom a lot.

I did have breast tenderness during my pregnancies, just at the very beginning.

Constipation. Definitely constipation; for sure I dealt with that.

First pregnancy I didn’t have trouble sleeping. This pregnancy … extreme. I have a really hard time sleeping.

I think the hardest part about being pregnant was the morning sickness. I had morning sickness all day.

I like to call it all-the-time sickness. It was definitely not just in the morning.

The nausea feeling, but not being able to actually throw up.

Certain smells made me ill. Couldn’t go in the grocery store.

When I feel nauseated, crackers work and ginger ale works. But sometimes just eating food, period, helps.

I had to bring a lot more food with me, everywhere I went.

I was morning sick pretty much right up to 13 weeks, and then it stopped.