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Emotions During Pregnancy


Nurse Goodwin

Let’s talk a bit about the emotional impact of pregnancy. Pregnancy is a time of intense emotions; probably more so than at any other time in your life. Don’t be surprised if you feel moments of great joy and elation, and then find yourself feeling sad just a short time later. The hormonal activity in your body can sometimes make you feel like an emotional yo-yo!

Uncertainty can also add to the stress of pregnancy, and make you more emotional. A million questions and concerns may be running through your mind. What will it feel like as my pregnancy progresses? Will my baby be healthy? Will I be okay? Will I be a good parent?

It can be challenging to deal with the emotional ups and downs of pregnancy. In many cases, the up times will help to balance the low times. It can help to talk to your family or close friends and share the many emotions, fears, and joys that you’re going through.