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Real Parents: Emotions


My emotions during my first pregnancy were great. I was actually on less of an emotional roller coaster than I am normally.

The hardest part of being pregnant, I think, is the imbalance of emotions.

Oh, my goodness! I could cry at anything.

The hormones just soared for me. So I was definitely more weepy.

That’s how I found out I was pregnant because I was at work filling cracker baskets, and I just started bawling for no reason.

And then just, I think, the tiredness made me more, a little more irritable.

Occasionally, I’ll have little bouts of temper. But other than that, emotionally I’m pretty even keeled throughout pregnancy.

I did have some emotional ups and downs early on in the pregnancy.

I was really moody in the first trimester of both of my pregnancies. Irritable, crabby, difficult to live with.

I wouldn’t say cranky — kind of moody. I would say kind of short-fused.

My third trimester, my emotions are a little different. They're mixed feelings because the baby should be here soon.

Being really nervous about the birth experience itself would put me into some lows as well.

I think I definitely fear labor. I fear the pain. I fear that experience of the baby coming.

Having a supportive partner around definitely helped me even the keel on that.

I think the most important thing a husband can do to help his wife is just be totally understanding of her up and down emotions and just to not take it personal.