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Getting Started

To get started, pick a quiet place where you’re not likely to be interrupted. Try to relax because stress and tension slow down your flow of milk. Many women find it helpful to look at a picture or visualize their baby during this time. If time permits, warm compresses and/or massage will also help in pumping your breast milk.

Get the pump ready before you get started. Along with the pump and its accessories, you’ll need bottles or bags to store the milk in. A towel or soft cloth is also helpful for catching any drips. All pumps will come with instructions. Have these handy for easy reference during the first several times that you pump. Pumping or hand expressing your milk shouldn’t hurt. If it does hurt, it may be necessary to stop and begin again to make sure you have everything right. Be certain to keep all of the equipment clean by washing it in hot, soapy water between uses.