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There are many types and brands of breast pumps. Some women may even choose to express milk by hand. The method you choose is a personal choice and depends on your individual situation. Many women who work full time find it easiest to rent or buy a full-size or portable electric pump.

If time is a limiting factor in pumping, double pump set-ups are also available. This is an attachment that allows you to pump both breasts at the same time, which cuts your pumping time down to about 15 minutes. Double pumping also increases the stimulation of your breasts, which aids in milk production.

If you’ll be returning to work part time or wish to pump merely enough milk to give yourself a few hours away, the purchase of a manual pump or hand expressing may be options. Many women successfully hand express breast milk, some as fast as a pump. Your lactation consultant or nurse can give you instructions on how to hand express your milk.