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Real Parents: Going Home


We were a little overwhelmed when we first left the hospital with our daughter. And we looked at her and we said, “Oh, my gosh! Well, I guess it’s the three of us now.”

Going home was a lot of fun.

When we first took Leila home from the hospital — and that’s our first baby — I definitely felt like somebody needed to be watching over our shoulder and make sure that we were doing everything right.

Because we were so nervous about having this little baby in the car for the first time when we were leaving the hospital.

Just putting him into the car seat was really scary. I had never put a newborn baby into a car seat.

She was so tiny. She was just this … we buckled her in and it was just a buckle. And I thought, “Oh, you poor thing, but this is the safest way for you to travel.”

I think we drove 15 miles under the speed limit all the way home.

And also I had kind of an eerie sensation that somebody might be looking over our shoulder and ready to tell us that we were doing something wrong. So I felt like I needed permission for everything. 

Our transition from the hospital to home was made quite a bit easier by having grandma around. My mom had been there for the birth and was able to stay with us for two weeks.

And just teach me things that she knew and stand aside while I struggled. But there was somebody right on my shoulder helping me out. And that helped a lot.

She had some pointers and some help and just an extra pair of hands.

It is crucial for you to accept help when you first get home from the hospital with a newborn.

Leila crying and us not really knowing what to do. And the people that take care of the babies in the hospital in the nursery, they’re perfect. I mean they just take a crying baby and the baby stops crying. And they give it to you, and the baby starts crying again. And you do everything the way it’s supposed to be done … and the baby continues crying. And then you go home and the baby continues crying.

It probably took about two weeks to get into a rhythm when we first brought Leila home.

I think it took us a few weeks to really get to the point where we thought, “Okay. This is real now.” Where the reality of it set in and we were able to function more normally and accept the new reality of our lives.

And I took some time off so I didn’t have to get back to work right away. So it’s difficult, but it’s a lot of fun.

It was kind of a scary experience, but also really educational and really great to kind of have to do it all on your own. And this is our baby now.

It was really nice to just go home as a family and have our time together.