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Feeding Time


Dr. Randall

Now when you first get home, feeding time may feel awkward, but soon you’ll feel like a pro. The secret to successful feeding is flexibility. Your baby will let you know when and how much he wants to eat. When you’re in the hospital after delivery, you’ll be encouraged to feed your baby every two to four hours. This is to make sure he’s getting all the calories that he needs.

And once you get home, if you’re breastfeeding, try to feed baby every one to three hours. As many as eight to 12 feedings per 24 hours can be expected. Breastfed babies may feed more often than formula-fed babies.

If you’re feeding your baby formula, the baby will usually take two to four ounces every two to four hours. If you feel that your baby is not taking enough formula, be sure to contact your healthcare team.