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Real Parents: Lifestyle


The first pregnancy was really hard to lose that weight. I struggled. And I ended up adding more weight after that because I became complacent and just had a newborn child. And I just let myself go.

I would have to say that I got myself back into shape so fast by going back to work really fast.

It’s been pretty easy for me to get back into shape. I was active. I was a runner before I had Asher. So I’m just trying to get back into running, which is a lot harder after having a baby.

I’ve just been watching what I eat and Connor keeps me really busy. And I’ve been going back to the gym.

Also because I have a nine-year-old at home who’s extremely energetic and the minute I get home she wants a lot of attention.

I would go for walks. I live on kind of a private road, and so I would just put him in the stroller and just try to walk.

And we have stairs in our house and the baby’s downstairs and my older daughter’s upstairs. And it’s just constant back and forth.

I’m also a waitress, so that right there just kind of forces you back into shape really quick, too. So I don’t do too much exercising at home or at the gym.

I try to be healthy as much as I possibly can. And since I’m breastfeeding, I want to make sure that I’m eating healthy, so that Asher gets the nutrients that he needs from me.

I still try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables now that I’ve had the baby and try not to crave the sweets and the soda.

When I have those cravings for sweets and stuff like that I just try to control it, I guess.

Kind of put down the hot dogs and the hamburgers and the donuts. But that’s how I lost weight. Worked out five days a week and drank a lot more water. And that’s how I lost my first baby weight.