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  1. T&A Tip: If your child experiences severe and/or frequent infections of the tonsils and adenoids, your healthcare provider may recommend T&A surgery.
  2. Pre-Procedure Tip: Remember to bring any medications your child is taking, a list of known allergies, personal and/or military identification, and health insurance documents when you check in for your child’s T&A surgery.
  3. Pre-Procedure Tip: Make sure to bring personal items that will make your child more comfortable at the hospital, such as your child’s favorite toy or stuffed animal, their own pillow, or their favorite music.
  4. Post-Procedure Tip: It’s a good idea to have two adults available for the ride home from the hospital – one to drive and one to care for the child.
  5. Post-Procedure Tip: Make sure your child stays well hydrated, but avoid citrus juices, fatty milk, and foods that are rough, crunchy, or spicy during the first week after your child’s T&A surgery.
  6. Medication Tip: If your child is experiencing pain or fever, DO NOT give them aspirin because it could lead to other health issues. If you child is not responding to medication, call your healthcare provider.