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Pre-Procedure Information

Once your healthcare provider has diagnosed the problem and recommended pressure equalization, or PE, tubes, a preoperative evaluation is usually done. The purpose of the evaluation is to learn more about your child and any special needs they may have.

Your provider will need to know about:

  • Medications that are currently being used, which include supplements and over-the-counter and prescription medications, and
  • Previous or potential reactions to medications, local anesthetic, latex, tape, or skin cleanser

During the evaluation, you’ll also be given detailed information about the actual procedure and what to expect. If your child is taking any medications, be sure to ask if they should be taken on the day of the procedure. Any other questions or concerns can be answered by your provider at the time of the evaluation.

Be sure to contact your provider if your child experiences an acute illness or injury, or has an asthma attack within three days prior to the scheduled surgery. Also if your child is exposed to measles, mumps, or chicken pox within 21 days prior to the procedure, be sure to alert your provider. In some cases, the surgery may need to be rescheduled.