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Welcome to Trimester 2


Dr. O’Connor

Congratulations as you enter the 2nd trimester of your pregnancy! At the beginning of this journey, your body was adapting to being pregnant. Now, your body is continuing with the astonishing task of growing a healthy baby. This can be hard work that at times can take its toll on you physically and emotionally.

As your pregnancy progresses, you may find that some of the symptoms you experienced during your first trimester decrease. You may also experience some new symptoms as your body continues to change.

In this section, you’ll find information about those symptoms, what to expect during your provider visits, some of the tests that you may have, and how your baby is developing.

We’ll also explore planning ahead for your delivery, including topics like anesthesia, circumcision, and infant feeding, and we’ll help you prepare for life after the arrival of your baby.