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Real Parents: 2nd Trimester Symptoms


During the second trimester it was great. I got my energy back and I thought I could, you know, clean the house.

My emotions were really stable and I felt great the whole time.

Second trimester … very energetic.

Yes. Second trimester I had great energy.

I’d pass people while I was hiking, and they were upset with me. But I had great energy.

I was trying to exercise at the level that I had exercised before I was pregnant, and I just could not do it. You just have such a shortness of breath.

You know, I had a lot more back pain and shortness of breath. The worst part of pregnancy is the back pain. I had a lot of back pain while I was pregnant.

During my third pregnancy with Jameson here, I did experience backache. I was aching all the time.

I have been able to resolve some of the pain by putting a heating pad on my back. And really by drinking hot tea.