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Sleeping Positions



Dr. McGuire

Now that your baby is growing more noticeably, you may find that sleeping isn’t quite as comfortable as it used to be. If you usually sleep on your back or stomach, you should know that these are not the best choices when you’re pregnant. Sleeping on your stomach will become more of a problem as your baby grows, so now is the time to get used to a new position. Sleeping on your back can aggravate backaches and hemorrhoids, possibly interfere with your circulation and breathing, and even affect your blood pressure. If you must sleep on your back, it’s a good idea to put a pillow under one hip so that you’re propped up on one side.

The good news is that sleeping on your side can be comfortable throughout your entire pregnancy. Crossing one leg over the other and putting a pillow between your legs is a great way to sleep. In fact, sleeping on your left side may be ideal for both you and your baby, since this position may be best for blood and nutrient flow to your placenta. Sleeping on your left side can also reduce the swelling in your hands and feet, since your kidneys may work better in this position.