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2nd Trimester Provider Visits



Dr. Randall

At this point in your pregnancy, you’re probably seeing your healthcare team about every four weeks. At each visit, they’ll measure your uterine growth, check your weight and blood pressure, listen to your baby’s heart rate, and discuss any questions or concerns that you may have.

If you have chosen to undergo screening for birth defects, your provider will review any test results during your 16 to 20 week visit. Additional blood may be drawn or an ultrasound may be arranged after this visit. Your provider will discuss with you the risks, benefits, and indications for an ultrasound. If an ultrasound is indicated, it will be ordered but not usually done during this visit.

Your healthcare team will also discuss how to identify differences in preterm labor versus false labor, or Braxton-Hicks contractions.

At your 24-week visit you’ll learn about the test for gestational diabetes. This test is usually done at your 28-week visit. Other lab tests will also be scheduled, and you’ll usually have the chance to sign up for breastfeeding and other prenatal classes.

If you’ve had a Cesarean delivery for a prior birth, this is a good time to discuss your birth options for this pregnancy. And, if you’re considering having your tubes tied this would be a good time to discuss it with your healthcare team.

At your 28-week visit, you’ll be given instructions on counting fetal movement and having your blood tested for gestational diabetes and other lab work, if needed.