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Real Parents: Pre-Delivery


I packed my hospital bag probably when I was 37 weeks. And I just kind of had it next to my bed. So just kind of a “just in case.”

We had our bags packed and ready, you know. We were waiting anxiously, which actually made the wait really long. But it’s an exciting time.

I was in the office, doing some office work, and she was in the bedroom. And she came out, she ran out and said, “Hey, Jim! I think my water broke.”

And so I said, “I think, you know, we need to think about going to the hospital.” I called the hospital and they said, “Don’t bother coming in yet because your contractions are not close enough together. They’re not strong enough.” And I hung up with them and I looked at Kevin and said, “I think we have to go right now.”

They were between five and eight minutes to start with actually, which sent us to the hospital, at which point they said, “Well you’re only three centimeters.” And they sent us back home.

We kept a little journal, as far as the time between the contractions, so that we knew.

I could definitely tell when they came on. They came on at about three o’clock in the morning and they were an even six minutes apart. And so I got up and I cleaned the house because nobody tells you that, but that’s what you want to do as soon as you know you’re going into labor, is clean things.

The only reason I knew I needed to go is because as I went to the rest room that night I had lost my plug. And that’s the only reason he took me to the doctor. Other than there was no contractions or anything else.

There was no denying when I went into labor. I don’t think it could have been mistaken for anything else.

I just had such bad backaches and I could barely walk. And Nick, my husband, had to actually carry me to the emergency room because we were ready to have our baby.

The trip from my house to the hospital when my daughter was born was very quiet and surreal. Her father and I didn’t know what was going on, we just knew were fortunate enough we only lived two minutes away. We sat in the car, we turned on our favorite song and we just drove to the hospital.

Nick was a nervous wreck and I was a nervous wreck because we didn’t know what to prepare for.

One of the things I wish we’d packed more of is some snacks because we didn’t really have any of that kind of stuff. But as a whole we just had everything we needed to take the baby home and just be able to stay at the hospital for a little while.