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Real Parents: 3rd Trimester Symptoms


I had terrible heartburn in the third trimester in both pregnancies.

There’s a wives’ tale about kids being born with full heads of hair, which my daughter was born with a full head of hair. And first thing everyone asks you is, “Did you have a lot of heartburn?” I didn’t have any heartburn.

I had heartburn towards the end when there was less room.

A lot of heartburn … I would say on both pregnancies, depending on what I eat.

Just a lot of TUMS® … a steady diet of TUMS®.

I did experience frequent urination throughout both pregnancies.

When we were in the car for a long time, then you’d have to plan a rest stop.

The last three or four weeks, I would say I had some trouble sleeping, just because there’s so many bathroom trips in the middle of the night.

In the third trimester I had a lot of challenges sleeping because I couldn’t get comfortable.

I’ve always been a stomach sleeper, so the inability to be on my belly was rough towards the end.

I used a pillow between my legs. I had one right behind my back to kind of give me stability on my back. And then I would kind of have one on my side, so that I could lay my belly on the side. So just pillows all around.

I have noticed a shortness of breath during this last trimester with my son.

I would have shortness of breath and it was like you were doing an aerobic work out without doing anything other than going up four stairs.

My body was like, my back’s aching, my legs were aching. Sometimes I felt my feet go numb.

I was having Braxton-Hicks contractions for about two weeks before I went into labor.

I remember having the Braxton-Hicks with my first pregnancy, near the end of the third trimester. And just kind of stopping because I hadn’t felt that before.

Braxton-Hicks contractions, for me, I never understood them until this second pregnancy. I did not have them during my first pregnancy. But this third trimester [they] have been non-stop.

My third trimester I carried a lot of water and I just blew up from one day to the next. So it was really hard. By the end of my pregnancy I just felt huge.