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3rd Trimester Provider Visits


Dr. Randall

Welcome to your third trimester of pregnancy. This is an exciting time. While you’re thinking of possible names and getting your nursery ready, your baby will be gaining more weight, and your healthcare team will be watching you closely to make sure you’re on track for a healthy delivery.

During this trimester, your visits with your healthcare team will increase. You may even see your healthcare team as often as every week during your ninth month. Your blood pressure and weight will be checked, your uterus will be measured, and your provider will listen to your baby’s heart rate. 

Lab tests to rule out anemia and diabetes will be done around 28 weeks. After 32 weeks, your provider will also start to check the position of your baby’s head, to see if it’s in the birth position with the head down and moving lower into your pelvis.

If you go past your due date, your provider may suggest additional tests, and may possibly recommend that your labor be induced.