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Welcome Video

Welcome to the Refractive Eye Surgery program.


Lt Col Reynolds
Hello, and welcome to the Refractive Eye Surgery program. I’m Dr. Reynolds. In an effort to improve Airmen readiness, the United States Air Force offers refractive eye surgery to eligible Active Duty and Air Reserve Component personnel.

In combat and military training situations, relying on eyeglasses can be a serious liability. Glasses may break or cause malfunctions with protective equipment, such as headgear or a gas mask. Offering refractive eye surgery to eligible Airmen reduces this liability and improves mission readiness.

It should be noted that refractive eye surgery must be Command-approved, and there are temporary limitations on deployability and military retirement or separation during the healing period.

In this program, we discuss what refractive eye surgery is, who qualifies for it, and what patients can expect after surgery. We also talk about how a normal eye works, including each part of the eye, and how common refractive errors can affect the eye’s function. Information on eye tests that may be done to determine eligibility for surgery is also included in this program.

Our specialists – Dr. Patel and Dr. Flemings – will provide their expertise throughout the program. Finally, you’ll meet several patients who share their personal experiences with refractive eye surgery.

Now, keep in mind, there may be terms that you’re not familiar with, so please visit our glossary at any time, and be sure to check out the other resources included in this program. Thank you for joining us.