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Real Patients: Hope for the Future


Most definitely you do have control over the situation. And you have to look at is basically with nothing more than common horse sense. Talk to the doc, get to know the disease, and get out there and start working out. Do what you can do.

My whole well-being has been to be positive about doing things that I want to do. Knowing I have some limitations but still trying to get out and reach whatever goal I want.

It is not the end of the world. If you have asthma, and it all depends. You know, there's different levels of severity for it.

Remain positive. Set a goal. My goal right now still is I want to see my grandchildren graduate.

I've kind of try to put it in perspective that it's, you know, not to feel sorry for myself. But I've tried to make sure that I'm still out doing things.

If you also stay healthy and do cardiovascular activities to help strengthen your lungs, that will help as well.

I know taking a lot of medication over my life, steroids doesn't help with weight. I've gained a lot of weight. So now that I'm healed from the bronchial thermoplasty, I'm really focusing on losing weight, exercising.

If you set a goal for yourself and put something out there, you know, in the future that you're determined that you're going to make it too, that helps more than anything else.