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Real Patients: Lifestyle


Well for me, I tried to keep exercising my lungs, doing everything I can to make sure that my allergies stay under control. And I'm still able to do what I need to do in everyday life.

And I've tried not to let it control my life. I've tried to do everything that I've wanted to do. But I knew there was limitations of how much I can exert myself.

My weight went up when they discovered that I had a heart issue in late 2008, going into 2009. And that's when the weight went up because pretty much all of the activity almost came to a screeching halt.

You want to run and stuff like that. But you can't, you know, work out as long as you want to because you can't breathe basically.

My physical activity level is reduced to almost nothing right now.

I try to eat healthy as much as I can. And I exercise for like four to five times a week. I've always done that. So that's part of my life.

If you have to take that rescue inhaler, you know, 30 minutes before you start to work out, then do that. But you know you still want to try to train your body and keep maintaining, you know, what you can.

I don't let much of anything limit my abilities to progress.

I had stressful jobs. Exercise is what relieves the stress.

I know there's limitations. All through the years that I've had asthma, I know I've had some limitations. But I've never let it stop me from doing the things I've wanted to do.