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Real Patients: Symptoms


When I was stationed out here back in 2005, I started noticing during summertimes I was having a rough time being able to take a deep breath.

I retired in the year 2000 and that's about when my respiratory issues started.

I was in the military four years. Got out and after that it kind of went from more than just exercise induced. It would start with allergies and a cold or sinuses that would induce an asthma attack from me.

First symptoms were sinus infections. You know, I flew for 20 years, never had sinus problems or respiratory problems. And I started getting chronic sinus infections. And eventually I started getting breathing issues from the sinus infections once it got in the respiratory system.

I started getting a bunch of, like, sinus infections and I pretty much started wheezing like while I was running, like, outside.

Then I started feeling it in the lungs, almost every time. Sometimes I'll get by with getting the sinuses better but most of the time it drops into the lungs.

Pretty much I felt chest tightness like someone was pressing on my chest. I was wheezing. I couldn't breath out my mouth or my nose. I was pretty much gasping for air.

Could not exercise, could not walk any distance, playing with my grandson was difficult.

Sometimes I do think my asthma does affect... I guess spending more time with my kids. Like I'll jump on a trampoline for a little bit and my heart rate got up and then I started breathing a lot, you know, heavier. And I had to, you know, stop and, you know, let them keep going.

I was diagnosed actually with bronchiectasis in 2008. So I would have been 60 at that point.

So my lungs have just got weaker. I would catch a cold and it would go more into an asthma attack. Multiple hospitalizations from asthma. Just got to where I was unable to breathe walking across the parking lot. It had got that bad.