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Real Patients: Diagnosis


I got my first diagnosis of skin cancer in my mid 50s.

I was first diagnosed with a skin cancer on my face when I was about 33 years old. 

The first one was on my forearm. 

The little pimple didn’t look like it was closing up. 

And I went in to see my primary care physician and showed him the bump and said, "I don’t know what that is." And he said, "I don’t either, let’s go see the dermatologist."

I just went into my dermatologist and she was initially looking to help treat some of my acne.

The dermatologist took a look at it and said, "Yeah, we need to biopsy that."

When they stumbled upon a few of the spots, they decided that they would test those.

And they took a little sample of it. 

They did a scrape biopsy.

It was a very simple procedure. I watched. 

They numb it, it’s not uncomfortable at all. 

They took out the whole mole and then analyzed it, you know, see if the edges were clear.

Then that came back positive. 

"Yep, it is a basal skin cell and you need to have it taken out." 

It did feel strange, you know, hearing that term and hearing that I have cancer. 

If this had been detected, say, now in my life as opposed to a year ago, it would probably be a much more serious circumstance.