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Skin Grafts


Dr. Mayzik
When surgery is used to remove a melanoma, a skin graft may be done to cover the wound caused by the procedure. Dr. Patel, what can you tell us about skin grafts?

Dr. Patel
Well, Dr. Mayzik, a skin graft may be necessary if the removed melanoma and surrounding margin covers a large area, or if the affected area does not heal properly.

During a skin graft, an area on another part of the body, such as the upper thigh, chest, or neck, is numbed and a patch of healthy skin removed.

The patch is then placed on the area where the growth was removed.

The graft usually needs special care until it heals. After any type of surgery, including skin grafts, it’s important to follow the provider’s discharge and home care instructions on bathing, shaving, exercise, and other activities.