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Real Patients: Prevention


To prevent skin cancer, it’s a chore. 

I didn’t really understand the impacts of specifically using a good SPF.

You have to be a little -- put a little more energy into preparation for being out in the sun. 

Whenever I go outside, especially in the summertime or especially when the sun is out, I’m putting sunblock on. 

The different kinds of sunscreen has a number associated with it.

If I’m going out, it should be over 35, 40, 50.

For my face I try to get things above like 35 or 40. 

I wear 70 to 85 SPF all the time now. 

The higher the number, the better it is. 

I reapply three or four times while I’m outside. 

Reapplying every hour. Every pool break. 

I’m on the golf course, you know, about every two hours or so, I’ll reapply. 

Now in the back of my head: Do I need to be wearing a hat? 

My hats are very large. 

Hats. I always wear long sleeve shirts. 

So, I’m outside, I’m just not getting direct sun exposure. 

One of the main things my doctors have told me is look at my own skin. 

I’m more diligent about doing spot checks on myself now. 

You really just have to look for certain signs and lumpiness, shapes of color and size. And just compare them to spots that you already know you have on your body. 

Take advantage of the incredible medical services that exist in the military. 

If I see anything abnormal, I will definitely make an appointment to go see the doc.

That’s an order.